May 2019

Two things to bring to a job interview

For most, a job interview can be a very nerve racking experience. Planning ahead as to what questions may be asked and preparing a set of answers is a very sensible idea. But did you know that there are also some things you can bring to the interview?

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Shocked lady in job interview

Asking questions in a job interview is not a one way street, and an employer would welcome any questions a potential candidate may have. Asking the right questions can show dedication and an interest in the role and the company. But asking the wrong questions could prove a disaster!

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Sneaking out of work

If you’re in a full time role but would like to look elsewhere, the prospect of attending interviews and getting the time off work could prove problematic. It would be unwise to quit your current job in the hope that another opportunity will arise quickly, which leaves the only option of taking time off work.

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